Integral Gardening

For more than a decade we have been working for our clients and friends, mainly on the Costa del Sol in particular, and the rest of Andalusia as a natural setting for activities. Our beginning was in the area of ​​forestry services and little by little we have developed a series of activities inherent to gardening, thus influencing, in a positive way the offer of a wider menu of services. It is for all the above, that we are pleased to share with our current and potential users, information about us as a company.



The combination of ornamental, shrub and native trees with gravel, rocks and textures in the floor, are one of the many options that we have to set the modern offices of today with a little nature. There is a whole world of possibilities when it comes to gardening or decorating a home or a company with a living nature. See more...

Forestry Works

We combine maintenance with best practices in the field of forestry to control the growth, shape and quality of trees. We cut trees in urban environments, we pruning to reduce the crown of the tree and remove dry or low branches that prevent the passage of light. See more...

Green orchards

We facilitate the creation and adaptation of ecological urban gardens, being these a space, either in tables of culture or in pots, in which we cultivate in a sustainable way vegetables and aromatic plants that later we will enjoy in the kitchen. See more...

Integral gardening service in Málaga, we will gladly attend your request.